Best Web Hosting For Beginners | Cheap And Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2020

By the end of this Article, you will, 100% know What Are The Best Web Hosting For Beginners which one of these hosting companies are right for you. Now, one dirty little secret is of these main hosting companies. Only three are amended by WordPress themselves. And as an added bonus, I’ve special discount prices for all these companies.

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

And I’ll share that with you later in this Article, but first let’s go over the pros and cons of each of these platforms starting with SiteGround. The first pro SiteGround is it’s the easiest of all the different platforms to set up a WordPress website. It’s so easy. I even use it for the tutorial video I did on how to set up. It’s also one of only three companies that are recommended by WordPress themselves, too WordPress websites, which is a pretty big deal. It also has good pricing and really reliable service as a really high uptime.

They also have fast service and good customer support. And as an added bonus, it comes with a free SSL certificate. Now there are some cons of psycho and one of the biggest cons is that it is a mid-priced hosting platform. It’s not the cheapest platform out there, but it’s also definitely not one of the more expensive platforms.

Another con is that it has upload limits. So if you do want to have a website, that’s going to have a lot of high resolution images and videos and things like that. SiteGround may not be the best platform for you.

Bluehost is another one of the three websites that WordPress recommends for hosting WordPress websites. And one of the pros with bluehost is it’s actually one of the more popular hosting companies out there.

Now here’s the dirty little secret about Bluehost. Part of the reason it’s one of the more popular ones is because they have a very generous affiliate program, but still that’s something to keep in mind when considering Bluehost versus the other hosting platforms.

A big con with Bluehost though, is I think it’s overpriced. Now. I do have the updated pricings down below in the links you can check. Usually SiteGround‘s a little bit cheaper than bluehost, and I think SiteGround has a better service, but ultimately it’s up to you.

We still have a lot more platforms to cover. Next up is GoDaddy and do not go with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is great for buying domain names, but they spend most of their money on advertising and things like that. And they try to get people in to buy a domain name and try to get them to upgrade to hosting services.

But their hosting is not good. It’s not that reliable. And it’s honestly just very overpriced.

A2hosting has some of the fastest server times out there. So if speed’s important to you, this might be a good option, but on the con side, they have poor uptime, which means there’s a higher percentage chance that you’re gonna have issues with your websites.

In fact, they’re not the most reliable. Recently. They got hacked in a lot of their websites went down. That being said they still had more than 99% uptime, which means that most of the time, you’d not have any issues with your website.

Web hosting for cheap

But the thing to keep in mind, HostGator is actually owned by the same parent company that owns bluehost. But the benefits with bluehost is it’s actually recommended by WordPress. HostGator is not, but to be honest, they’re pretty similar. And sometimes HostGator is a little bit cheaper.

Again, I have updated pricing in the links down below. They changed the prices all the time. They’re kind of constantly competing, even though they’re owned by the same parent company, the prices fluctuate. But for me personally, I like Bluehost better, as I said, because they are recommended by WordPress. They’re more reliable and better customer support.

BP engine is unlike any of the other hosting companies we’ve talked about. They have the fastest, they’re the most reliable. They have the best uptime and the best customer support, but a big con is you’re going to pay for it.

They are 10 times the price of any of the other hosting companies. So if your WordPress website is very, very, very important to you and you want to make sure nothing goes wrong and you’re willing to pay for it, WP engine might be a good option. I personally would never go with WP engine.

All the other hosting companies we’ve talked about so far also have great customer support, but WP engine does take it to that. Next in motion is another popular hosting company. To be honest with you, I don’t really see any pros with them. Their speed and uptime was pretty mediocre. And they’re about double the price of all the different hosting companies we’ve talked about so far next up is hostinger and the big pro with them is they are the cheapest platform out there, but the big con as well is you get what you pay for.

And I personally would not trust my website with this company, but if money is really tight for you, this may be a good option. Again, there’s links down below for the pricing, if you want to check it out.

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

But I personally would not go with this company last up on our list of top 10 hosting companies is DreamHost and dream hosts. One of the big pros for them is they are the last of the three companies that are recommended by WordPress. But to be honest with you, that’s probably the only really big pro I see with them. They have the same features of all the other hosting companies we’ve talked about so far, and they’re more expensive than SiteGround or Bluehost. So I personally do not see any reason to go with DreamHost. Now it’s time to announce a winner. And the truth is I think it depends what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the fastest hosting company out there, you have A2hosting. If you’re looking for, for the cheapest hosting company you should go with, Hostinger. Now the first hosting company I ever signed up for was Bluehost, which I think is a fine option. It’s a good option. But if I were to do it over again, I would 100% go with the Siteground.

And I have recently signed up with SiteGround and I have to it’s the easiest platform to use and it’s cheaper than bluehost. So to me, it’s a no brainer. SiteGround is the winner. And as I said, I do have the hookup. I have special discounted prices. So check the links down below and up above. And if you do use one of my links to sign up as a thank you, I’ll give you Free Premium WordPress GPL Themes And Plugins Which Costs Around $500+ . So take the next step, click the links below, sign up for a platform.

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Again, I recommend SiteGround but pick the platform that is best for you. Starting at WordPress website was one of the best things I ever did. I hoped I helped you make a better decision today, and I hope you get started on your journey.

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