Astra Pro v1.11.3


Type WordPress Plugin  (Original Zip File, License Key Included)
Name Astra Pro – WP Portfolio Plugin v1.11.3
Version 1.11.3 (Latest Version)
Update 31 Dec, 2020
Category Portfolio WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform (Vendor: WPAstra)
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Astra Pro – WP Portfolio Plugin Features: –

  • Website layouts
    With a variety of site layouts to choose from, Astra Pro lets you design and build websites that suit your needs and the niche you serve.
  • Better typography
    With over 800+ Google fonts in the list and a range of typography options, you can ensure that you are using the best typography that will stand out on your website.
  • Colors & background
    Astra Pro allows you to manage the colors and background of any area on your website. The theme gives you complete control to carefully manage each area.
  • Blog layouts
    Create a beautiful blog with tons of variations of layouts. Create a better impact on your audience by mixing content with trendy designs.
  • Multiple header designs
    Astra Pro gives you a variety of headers to choose from. You can now place a header above and below the primary header, or make it transparent or sticky as needed.
  • Flexible footer layouts
    The adjustments made with Astra Pro also apply to the footer! You can choose a footer layout to add the number of columns that best suits your website’s needs.
  • Comprehensive WooCommerce integration
    A rock solid foundation you need to build a faster loading, high converting, and shop friendly ecommerce store – without a line of code.
  • LifterLMS integration
    The Astra + LifterLMS integration enables you to host the best online learning experience for students who access your website. Astra ensures that you are given complete design freedom to customize everything on your website and make it look good.
  • Features like distraction-free learning, a conversion-focused checkout page, and much more allow you to create a targeted website that focuses on learning and brings in higher conversions.
  • LearnDash integration
    The Astra + LearnDash integration makes it easier for you to create and design a beautiful website for offering an online course. Astra gives you various design options and features that are more focused on delivering a better learning experience.
  • Do you want to create a distraction-free, conversion-oriented website for your next online course with LearnDash? Combine that with Astra and discover lots of customizations that will help you with that.
  • Mega menu
    With Astra you can create interactive mega-menus that are easy to use and attractive.
  • More header designs
    You can choose from different headers like sticky header, transparent header, etc.
  • Space control
    Manage the spacing within layouts and modules to create a beautiful and readable website.
  • WooCommerce designer
    Astra is the perfect WordPress theme to build a fast and clean WooCommerce store.
  • Footer Widgets
    You can choose from different footer layouts and add widgets to make it more attractive.
  • Hook and filter
    Hooks and filters let you customize anything on a website to make it your own.
  • Page headers
    Add and customize the headings, headings, and main headings on the pages of your website.


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